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How to treat your regular taxi driver

23. October 2011 at 01:16



Taxis (green license plate) waiting. Belize, Central AmericaTaxis (green license plate) waiting. Belize, Central America

When you’re living abroad, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t walk around at night. Or not at all. Like in Belize City. But even when we were still back in Germany, I had regular taxi drivers that would take me to the airport or train station a couple of times per […]

Wie man seinen Taxifahrer behandeln sollte

23. October 2011 at 00:56



Taxis (green license plate) waiting. Belize, Central America

Wenn man in einem fremden Land wohnt ist man öfter mal in der Situation, dass man nicht einfach loslaufen kann abends nach der Party. Oder vielleicht gar nicht los laufen kann. Wie in Belize City. Aber selbst als wir noch in Deutschland waren, hatte ich meine festen Taxifahrer, die mich zum Flughafen oder Bahnhof gefahren […]

How to survive in Belize City

3. September 2011 at 01:11



View along Memorial Park, Belize CityView along Memorial Park, Belize City

In a nutshell Belize is a safe country. But Belize City is not a particularly safe city – unless you adhere to some basic rules: Know where you’re going before you go. Research any area you go to before – what to expect, how to get there, how to get away. Avoid the south. (Generally […]