Fundraising / Spenden

We fund everything on this trip ourselves:

  • travel
  • insurance
  • rent
  • food
  • clothes
  • beer

Right now, it costs us at least 1000 € per month to even be able to donate our skills to NGOs in Belize. While this sounds weird the first time you come across it (belive me, I didn’t want to belive it), this is the norm for skilled volunteering in our sector.

We sold all we had in Germany and tossed this on a pile together with our savings. We still came in 7.000 € short of what we needed for a year. So we started fundraising. We

  • baked and sold cakes and cookies
  • sang in the streets with a guitar
  • gave public presentations of our project
  • annoyed all our friends, family and associates
  • raffled off Holgers T-Shirt collection
  • gave away all our apartment interior in return for donations.

Before the wedding, we received 4.535 € in donations plus a few very dedicated supporters who pledged to send us money monthly for the duration of the trip. The wedding took care of the rest.

Without our families, friends and other supporters (sometimes complete strangers), this trip wouldn’t have happened. Thank you all very much for your support!

Susanne D.,Alex Benker, Ingeburg Kaiser, Thorsten Wolter, Michael Eberhardt, Lucy Atkinson, Steffen Otto, Andreas Klauck, Michael Flender, Nicole Dieckerhoff, Alex Griffin, Manuel Häuser, Jörg Ferrando,  Susanne Dechene, Christoph Kropp, Andreas Zerbes, Fiona O’Hainnin, Mirko Köhler, Uwe Schober, Florian Strempel, Jörg Ferrando, Jörg Ferrando / Frank Westermann, Florian Strempel, Rolf Keil, Frank Westermann, a whole lot of good friends, deaf strangers and other supporters at the singing cowboy yard sale fundraiser, Alfred Heinze, Rolf Keil, Alex Ludwig, Benjamin Seyfarth, Marlies Prinz, Frank Westermann, Steffen Otto, Eva Nickel, Ellen Klaproth, Uwe Schober, Lots of friends and some strangers at our public presentationFreemason Lodge Lessing, Frank Westermann, Marga Teodorescu, a lot of friends and supporters at our farewell-take-whatever-you-need-from-our-apartment-party, Farewell donation from Holger’s clients/colleagues, Inge Lamp, Karsten Schmitz, Familie Roller, Niko Stotz, Freemason Lodge Lessing, Marc Hansen, Uwe Gerlach und Familie, Familie Eberhardt and everyone who was at our wedding.


The fundraising doesn’t end here …

The funding for the trip is there, but we continue with our fundraising efforts. Why? Because we see a lot of problems and needs here and we want to fix them as much as possible. This may be small things like kids coming into Kerstins office and asking her for a banana because they are just so hungry. It may be more indirect costs like the cost for traveling to a remote location to supply coaching or do a workshop that wouldn’t happen otherwise because of costs.

We keep track of what is donated and guarantee it is only used on costs directly connected to our volunteer work:

  • travel
  • insurance
  • accommodation
  • food (not beer)
  • insurance
  • medical costs

Whatever is left of the donations at the end, we will donate to a charity.




  1. Susanne 1. September 2011 Reply

    habe es schon mehrfach versucht, aber euer "Donate" Button funktioniert nicht. Liegt es an mir? Oder an eurer Seite?

    Gruß Susanne D.

    • Holger 1. September 2011 Reply

      danke für den Hinweis.
      Ich bin dran!

  2. Holger 1. September 2011 Reply

    Hi Susanne,

    Sollte wieder gehen! :-)

    Danke für Deine Unterstützung!!

  3. Susanne 5. September 2011 Reply

    Hallo IHr Beiden,

    hat nur ein kleiner Beitrag. Ich verfolge eure "Reise" weiterhin sehr interessiert. Toll was ihr erlebt und leistet.

    Gruß Susanne

    • Kerstin 5. September 2011 Reply

      Ist angekommen! Vielen, lieben Dank! Wir haben uns sehr gefreut!

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