A Belizean birthday party on Goff's Caye

Caracol and the Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize: Bandits, mud, the Mayan capital and water falls

Speedboat cruise through the jungle to the Maya site Lamanai

Orange Walk, La Milpa and Chan Chich: Spiders, Snakes and Crocs

Garifuna Settlement Day 2011 in Hopkins, Belize

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Notes from a voluntarily accidental, hopefully viral propagandist

3. April 2012 at 00:28



(I waited to publish this tongue-in-cheek article for several reasons – this was written a few weeks ago when I was working 24/7 for the Coalition to save our natural heritage, a union of NGOs in Belize trying to fight oil drilling in Belize’s reef.)   Wednesday, 2:05 pm, Propaganda Desk “Please report to the […]

Independent Media, independent journalists and The Independent

28. December 2011 at 01:20



The Independent - Volume 1, week 1The Independent - Volume 1, week 1

When we came to Belize, it took us a couple of weeks to find out that the media here are not independent. In hindsight, that sounds naive and slow, especially when you read those newspapers. I guess we were just spoiled with somewhat independent newspapers and TV stations back at home. Once we figured out […]

Unabhaengige Medien, unabhaengige Journalisten und der ‘Independent’

28. December 2011 at 00:48



The Independent - Volume 1, week 1

Als wir in Belize ankamen, hat es einige Wochen gedauert, bis wir verstanden, dass die Medien hier nicht unabhaengig sind. Das klingt vielleicht etwas langsam und naiv, besonders wenn man die verschiedenen Zeitungen hier liest. Ich nehme an, wir waren nur von den ueberwiegend unabhaengigen Medien in Deutschland. Sobald wir dann verstanden hatten, dass es […]